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Toronto Comicon 2023 Schedule :: Dan Khanna

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Dan Khanna

Appearing Fri,Sat,Sun

I've done work as a penciller on various comic books over the years for companies such as Dreamwave, IDW Publications, Titan UK Publications, and the Transformers Collectors Club/Botcon collectors Conventions. I've done concept design, full packaging illustrations as well as color work on many Transformers brand box art illustrations across several toy lines for Hasbro Inc. I've also provided statue designs for Hard Hero, and Titan Books/EagleMoss publications. I've recently completed a three year long project working as one of the regular pencillers for the Transfomers Legends mobile card game for DENA, and worked on Transformer Prime comic strips for an Transformers Prime magazine. I've worked on concept work for the Imaginarium Transformers statue line and the designs and package art Soap Studios Transformers Sufubi line of Vinyl figures, and providing as well.