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Toronto Comicon 2023 Schedule :: Michael Cherkas

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Michael Cherkas

Appearing Fri,Sat,Sun

Michael CHERKAS is one of Canada’s leading comic artists and illustrators. In 1985, with writer Larry HANCOCK, Michael created the award-winning comic-book series, THE SILENT INVASION.

A tale of ultimate paranoia and alien invasion in the 1950s, it drew wide-ranging, critical praise and was reprinted in the graphic novel format by New York-based publisher, NBM, in 1988.

After THE SILENT INVASION, Michael illustrated SUBURBAN NIGHTMARES (also written by Larry), a series of dark, Twilight Zone-like vignettes of life in the 1950s, and THE NEW FRONTIER (written by John Sabljic), a suspense thriller of 1960s conspiracies.

THE SILENT INVASION graphic novels, SUBURBAN NIGHTMARES and THE NEW FRONTIER are published by and available from NBM.