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Tucson Comic-Con 2023 Schedule :: Michael Steimle

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Michael Steimle

Location: Artist Alley AA144

STEIMLE (Michael Steimle) is a mix media artist based in the hot desert sand of Tucson, AZ.

He is a multi-talented creator who specializes in traditional and digital media, as well as combining both forms to create a uniquely bright, colorful, and imaginative work. He does not have one style and finds inspiration by challenging his artistic talents through different mediums.

He is inspired by cartoons, street art and graffiti, comics, world cultures, folklore, and tattoos style art.

In his free time, he spends his time creating fine art including: graphic arts designs for many different businesses in the local area, features in local gallery shows, fan art, sticker art, murals, and is actively perusing new ways to expand his craft. You can also catch him at many different local markets and events with his art.

Recently he has done work with Eegees, Qmulative, Adrian’s by Angel Barbershop, First Alarm Coffee, 4th Ave Coalition and more.