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Tucson Comic-Con 2023 Schedule :: Mystery Machine

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Mystery Machine

The Superstition Candle Company Mystery Machine is one of the most fan interactive Mystery Machines ever. We allow fans to take photos inside with props, Lighting, Visual effects and custom sounds. This is an award winning creation built from the engine all the way up to the specialized LED, neon lighting and custom stereo systems. Our Mystery Machine has a ghoul/ghost projector, solar system and star projector and screens mounted inside to add to the fan photograph experience. We have done tons of custom upgrades unique to our Mystery Machine. We are constantly adding new features that will continue to make our Mystery Machine stand out above the rest. We are very excited to meet the fans of Tucson-Comic Con and continue its legacy. We have a lot of new surprises in store, including custom candles and leather products, for Tucson Comic-Con and are looking forward to the largest fan interactive experience to date!

Thanks and we look forward to meeting and making new friends!