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Tucson Comic-Con 2023 Schedule :: Wendy Steen Shaner

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Wendy Steen Shaner

Location: Artist Alley AA063

WENDY STEEN SHANER is the creator of the Naughty Faeries comic world. Since 2018 she has successfully launched 14 kickstarters and been consulting on a number more. This is Wendy’s 5th year in comics. Currently she has multiple titles:

Naughty Faeries Stripper Assassins, Sireness, Ginger Snap, Luna Tales and Gobblers. As a digital and 3D artist, Wendy continues to challenge conventional comic art and produce quality art in her comics and associated projects. Wendy has also been a cover artist on a number of indie projects such as, BlackRabbit, Firebitch, Into the Suck, Libertine, Totally Rad Comics, Bunny Goes to Space, Vampires of New Jersey, VRXOXO, Gobblers, Yulia the Monster Hunter, Book of Layxia, Vlada, Abigaile, Witches of Westchester, Big Dog Ink, Mighty Mite and many more.