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Tucson Comic-Con 2023 Schedule :: Zybrena Porter

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Zybrena Porter

Location: Booth 1501

ZYBRENA began drawing at the age of four in Dallas, Texas. Always armed with a pencil in hand, her parents immediately recognized her passion and skill in creating. Upon moving to Atlanta, Georgia, they began devoting every possible resource to Zybrena’s dream of becoming a professional artist. She acquired a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Georgia and then furthered her education at the Milan Art Institute.

Zybrena’s collectors consider her an inspirational artist. While experiencing her own struggles with self expression, Zybrena found that where some experiences were simply too difficult for simple words to adequately convey, art always seemed to be able to communicate the incommunicable. She found that the canvas is always there to hold space for her to simply be who she is. Determined to find a method of describing the complex and yet so very beautiful aspects of her story and culture, Zybrena found that her greatest gifts to her community through her artwork were the gifts of self-acceptance and hope. In her words, “To be truly comfortable in one’s own skin is to experience the fullness of all life has to offer.”

Zybrena’s fortress of creativity is situated on a golf course in Mesa, Arizona, where she resides with her supportive husband and increasingly active son. Her accomplishments range from published book illustrations to competing internationally on a reality art show in Greece. Zybrena’s travels are constantly taking her to new and exotic places, and she looks forward to being that same inspiration that she is to her family to others across the globe.