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Comicpalooza 2016 Schedule :: Bernie Wrightson

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Bernie Wrightson

Appearing Fri, Sat, Sun

Legendary artist Bernie "Berni" Wrightson has been creating horror art for over 45 years and is known for his horror illustrations and comic books. His first professional comic work appeared in House of Mystery #179 in 1968 and continued to work on a variety of mystery and anthology titles for both DC and Marvel Comics. In 1971, with writer Len Wein, Bernie co-created Swamp Thing for DC. Bernie later spent seven years drawing approximately 50 detailed pen-and-ink illustrations to accompany an edition of Mary Shelley's novel, Frankenstein, which the artist considers among his most personal work. He also drew the poster for the Stephen King-penned horror film Creepshow, as well as illustrating its comic book adaptation. Bernie's worked on Spiderman, Batman and The Punisher, and recent works include Frankenstein Alive, Alive; Dead, She Said; The Ghoul; and Doc Macabre, all co-created with esteemed horror author Steve Niles.