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ConnectiCon XVI Schedule :: Team Rammyz

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Team Rammyz

Team Rammyz is a group of friends creating videos for various original series, including a gritty anthology series, featuring creepypasta and slenderverse characters, Cosplay Music Videos, Podcasts and more! Each member of the team contributes to different facets of the filming process, from acting, lighting and camera work to sound and video editing, voice acting and promoting the channel and its videos. One of the main goals of Team Rammyz is to dance on the thin line between horror and comedy to challenge themselves as story tellers. In addition to filming, Team Rammyz works together to create cosplays and props to be featured in their future videos.

5:30 pm

Horror Vs. Comedy: The Balance Within :: Goliath (CTCC MR 14)
Team Rammyz
Friday July 13, 2018 :: 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm
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