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Florida Supercon 2015 Schedule :: Frank Quitely

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Frank Quitely

Appearing 27, 28

Frank Quitely is a Scottish comic book artist best known for his frequent collaborations with Grant Morrison on titles such as New X-Men, We3, All-Star Superman, Batman and Robin, JLA: Earth 2, and Flex Mentallo, as well as his work with Mark Millar on The Authority and Jupiter’s Legacy. Frank Quitely will be appearing at Florida Supercon on Saturday and Sunday only.

Quitely started his career in 1990 on the Scottish underground comic Electric Soup, followed by work in Judge Dredd Megazine (Shimura, written by Robbie Morrison, and Missionary Man, by Gordon Rennie). His early work also includes various stories in Paradox Press’ series of The Big Book Of graphic novels, as well as work in Dark Horse Presents for Dark Horse Comics.

His big break into American comics was Flex Mentallo in 1996, a Doom Patrol spin-off written by Grant Morrison for DC Comics’ Vertigo imprint. Initially he worked on strips for anthology titles such as Weird War Tales, and drew three issues of Jamie Delano’s 2020 Visions, as well as various covers for DC. He later drew his first full length graphic novel, Batman: The Scottish Connection, with writer Alan Grant.

In 2000, Quitely worked with Grant Morrison on JLA: Earth 2, as well as with Mark Millar on The Authority. While working on the Authority, he also drew the final issue of Grant Morrison’s Vertigo title, The Invisibles.

Following his run on The Authority, Quietly worked with Grant Morrison again on New X-Men, and We3, and illustrated a Destiny story for Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman: Endless Nights. He provided covers for Bite Club, wrote and drew new instalments of The Greens for the Scottish underground comic Northern Lightz, and in 2005 Morrison and Quitely designed a series of tarot cards for Intensive Care, an album by pop star Robbie Williams.

In December 2004, Quitely signed to a two-year exclusive contract with DC Comics, where he illustrated All-Star Superman. The twelve issue series, yet another collaboration with Morrison, began publication in November 2005. Quitely and Morrison’s work on the series won them the Eisner Award for Best New Series in 2006, with Quitely collecting another nomination for Best Penciller/Inker. The series won Best Continuing Series in 2007 and 2009. In 2008 Quitely illustrated the cover for the debut issue of Scottish underground comic Wasted.

In 2009, Quitely again teamed with Morrison, illustrating the first three issues of Batman and Robin. He provided covers through issue #16, and was one of the artists of Batman #700.

Quitely is the artist on Jupiter’s Legacy, his latest collaboration with Mark Millar.

​Frank Quitely will be appearing Saturday and Sunday. He will be located at Booth # 618 in the exhibition room.

12:00 pm

FRANK QUITELY: SPOTLIGHT Q&A :: Flamingo Ballroom 3
Frank Quitely
Sunday June 28, 2015 :: 12:00 pm to 12:45 pm