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Florida Supercon 2015 Schedule :: Stephanie Hans

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Stephanie Hans

Stephanie Hans is a French illustrator, known for her art on work on Angela: Asgardā€™s Assassin, Storm, Journey Into Mystery, Thor, Firestar, Dark Wolverine, New Mutants, Max Ride, Thunderbolts, Tomb Raider, Avengers Origin: Ant Man & The Wasp, Dark Tower: The Gunslinger ā€“ The Man in Black, Dark Tower: The Gunslinger ā€“ The Way Station, Inhumanity: Superior Spider-Man, Suicide Risk, and New Avengers.

Stephanie has been 2 things in her life before she was anything else: a reader and a drawer. She stills read a lot and that what makes her really happy to do cover work ā€“ she gets to be one of the first reader of the book!