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Phoenix Comicon 2017 Schedule :: Mark Kidwell

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Mark Kidwell

Writer/Artist Mark Kidwell is the co-creator/writer of the sold-out, ongoing Vietnam/zombie epic “’68” from Image comics. His newest work can be seen in the third story arc, “’68: JUNGLE JIM: HELLHOLE”, the current arc, ’68: RULE OF WAR and the sold-out one-shot comic, “’68 HALLOWED GROUND”.
Mark is also the writer/illustrator/creator of the critically acclaimed splatterpunk horror mini-series BUMP, Image/Frazetta Comics’ DARK KINGDOM and the sold-out Monsterverse comic one-shot: WILDER, with artist Andrew Mangum. Mark has designed creature and makeup effects for Robert Kurtzman’s CREATUR CORPS FX studio on such projects as Dee Snider’s STRANGELAND 2, the Baliwood production HISS, Jack Ketchum and Lucky McKee’s THE WOMAN, the cult hit JOHN DIES AT THE END by Don Coscarelli and Kevin Smith’s upcoming TUSK.
Outside of the comics realm, Mark has produced a full-length novel based on his BUMP series and his two newest prose projects, the short novels: YELLOW and MAXIE’S MIRACLE are available on for the KINDLE now.
Please join Mark Kidwell at the “‘68 Experience” booth along with Co-creator Jay Fotos as they bring the world of ‘68 Comics to life in this fan favorite booth experience! For all things ’68 please visit and also join the ’68 ZOMBIE COMIC Facebook page at