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Phoenix Comicon 2017 Schedule :: Rick Leonardi

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Rick Leonardi

Ask any veteran comics artist about his or her favorite pencilers, and Rick Leonardi is sure to be on the short list. Way back when I was breaking in as a pencil-pusher at Marvel, Rick was also a relative newcomer, working on Cloak and Dagger. Rick’s work immediately caught my eye - shart, spare linework; fluid action; elegant composition; terrific storytelling. (and h e draws the absolute best tiny figures in the business, bar none. Trust me, small figures are huge!)
Over the years, my appreciation and respect for Rick’s work has only grown. While flavor-of-the-month styles have come and gone, Rick has continued to march to his own drummer, and his work still looks fresh, still does more with a few lines than most artists do in hundreds. Busting the latest FedEx package from Rick always makes my day, and it’s a pleasure and a genuine honor to be working with him.