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Phoenix Fan Fest 2017 Schedule :: Courtney Leigh

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Courtney Leigh

Appearing Saturday, Sunday

Courtney is a gamer nerd, horror enthusiast, costumer, and all around geek. After growing up on an Ostrich farm in rural Arizona, Courtney Leigh moved on to study fashion at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles and in 2010 she began a costuming business. Today she works full time making and selling costumes to people around the world and so far has created over 1,000 costumes for cosplayers, fan films, haunted houses, and theatre. Courtney has also been a featured fashion designer in 3 fashion shows and plans to release another fashion line early next year. Along with her costuming, Courtney is a self-taught makeup artist and body painter and former makeup department manager at Fear Farm. Whenever she’s not working she’s writing, playing video games, and finding new outlets for her creativity.

12:00 pm

Short Cuts & Tricks - Costuming on a Budget :: Panel Area 6
Courtney Leigh, Amber Skies
Saturday November 11, 2017 :: 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm

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