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Phoenix Fan Fest 2017 Schedule :: Maise Designs

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Appearing Saturday, Sunday

Gabrielle "Gabby" Donathan is a seamstress, leather worker, & jewelry artist with pieces ranging from Renaissance fantasy to Disney princesses, but her specialties are Comic Book and Video Game based Cosplay. She is most known for her Harley Quinn variants and her mash up group projects for PCC. In the past, she did Steampunk X-Women, Cyberpunk Gotham Girls, and last year's favorite Avengers in Wonderland.

She's been blessed to work with many prominent local talents including a multitude of projects with the wonderful Itty Bitty Geek, Kaypickle on the detail riddled Female Ezio, Katy Mor on projects for Aspen Comics that were used for San Diego promotionals and booth costumes, and Amie Lynn--for whom she constructed Vivienne for Dragon Age: Inquisition promotional marketing. She's also worked on several costumes with world renowned Cosplayer Jessica Nigri, most notably her Arkham Knight Harley Quinn which was worn for Warner Bros at San Diego Comic Con 2014.

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