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Phoenix Fan Fest 2017 Schedule :: Shelby Robertson

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Shelby Robertson

Appearing Saturday, Sunday

Shelby Robertson is a Phoenix, Arizona based comic book artist, writer, and recetly accredited inker on Rob Liefeld's Deadpool : Bad Blood graphic novel for Marvel Comics, as well as cover inks on Liefeld's Youngblood relaunch for IMAGE Comics. As a teen, Shelby got his first big break in the comic book industry at Rob Liefeld's EXTREME Studios on titles such as Crypt, Chapel, Badrock, and Prophet trading cards. During that same period, he produced various artworks for the Avengelyne and Black Flag properties under Liefeld's Maximum Press publishing imprint.
Throughout the 90's, Shelby has served as an illustrator for Image Comics, Malibu Ent., and several independent publishers. He has also provided album jacket artwork and designs for musical artists Glenn Danzig, Bloodhound Gang, and Agent 51, to name a few. In the early 2000's, Shelby transitioned from the comic book industry to film and video game production. He served as a character designer, asset designer, pixel artist, and source modeler. Shelby has provided character concept, asset model designs, and in-game live portrait paintings for a half dozen titles. A few notables include Warmage Online, and Assassins Creed. Shelby has also freelanced as a concept illustrator for the Incredible Hulk and Stargate franchises. Shelby's largest volume of asset production and gaming artwork lies in the BURST!, and Eastcity Interactive properties line.
When not supplying artwork for IMAGE, Marvel, Upper Deck, Variant Covers, and Commissions for clientele, Shelby runs his own independent publishing label, American Dischord, with creator owned comic titles written and illustrated by himself, such as the throwback '90's influenced serialized title '94 (Ninety Four), and recently, the Madam Satan : Deadly Origins oversized one-shot. Shelby is also known in the comic book industry to moonlight as a digital colorist under the pen name 'Cobra Colors!', since 2010. You can follow Shelby's regularly updated adventures on Instagram under his user name shelbywrobertson

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