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Phoenix Fan Fest 2017 Schedule :: Tone Rodriguez

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Tone Rodriguez

Appearing Saturday, Sunday

Born in the Southern California’s San Fernando Valley, Tone Rodriguez has spent most of his life drawing superheroes and Star Wars characters.
After high school, He worked many jobs, and enjoying many of them, But didn’t find himself enjoying them as much as working as a comic book artist. VIOLENT MESSIAHS for IMAGE COMICS was released in 2000. And was soon followed up with the book’s second volume VM-LAMENTING PAIN and then John Carpenters & Kurt Russell’s SNAKE PLISSKIN CHRONICLES, at this point it was clear that he had found his calling.
Soon Work on the SIMPSON’S & FUTURAMA comic books followed, making this long time Fan very happy. “BONGO Comics is one of the best companies to work with…” Tone says “Drawing on the Annual TREEHOUSE OF HORROR is a significant joy to be involved in!”
A career Highlight was producing artwork for Showtime’s television series DEXTER “I helped design the Dark Defender, and drew the artwork for the show.” As well as appeared in the episode. But it’s not the only time Tone shows up on TV. You can see him on an episode of “NUMB3RS” and several other shows. “my work even shows up on a handful of kids shows like The Thunderman’s, Dog with a Blog, Pair of Kings, and Might Med.”
Drawing comics is the best job ever. “I wouldn’t change what I’m doing for the world!”
Tone now lives in Mesa Arizona, with his wife April and their two schnauzers Isa and Greta.

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