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Planet Comicon, Kansas City Schedule :: Bryan Fyffe

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Bryan Fyffe

Kansas City area illustrator working as Walt Disney artist on “The Rocketeer,” “Disney’s Haunted Mansion” and Penguin Books’ “The Valley.”

Bryan Fyffe grew up with an interest in ghost stories, Star Wars action figures, Godzilla and pretty much anything with the flavor “Blue Raspberry.”

He creates art on a wide variety of subjects, some of his favorites being zombies, robots, Halloween and food.

In the last two years Bryan has been Walt Disney artist on The Rocketeer and Disney’s Haunted Mansion and Illustrator for major book publications (Penguin Books) with The Valley.

From Bryan Fyfee’s website:

Bryan Fyffe creates art that he often refers to as “digital collage.” His work is a combination of traditional ink drawings, texture photography and digital software.

He is inspired by old ghost stories, the natural world and decrepit buildings.

He lives in Kansas City with his wife and two children.

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