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Planet Comicon, Kansas City Schedule :: CW Cooke

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CW Cooke

Writer of Solitary, Clock Puncher, and Barrens

CW Cooke is a comic book writer living in the Kansas City area who has been working in comics since 2007. He has been published by Action Lab, Big Dog Ink, Viper, Bluewater, Arcana, and Devil’s Due Entertainment with his creator-owned series Solitary. He is a featured writer for Project-Nerd Publishing with two new series, Clock Puncher and Barrens, both scheduled for release in early 2016. CW started as a fan of Planet Comicon years ago and built his comics resume in order to find his way behind the booth, where he has been for the last few years and will be again for Planet Comicon 2016.

Interview with CW Cooke

Project-Nerd asked CW Cooke what it felt like to have his first series of Solitary finshed:

Crazy to say the least. Having the full first part of the series done and out seems like a long time coming and like something that was supposed to happen long ago, just because Solitary has been in my head since I was 8 years old. So having it out, seeing it on the shelves, hearing people talk about it or tell me how great they think it is, or just hearing about it being found all over the world…it’s incredible stuff.

More about CW Cooke

Twitter: @cwcookecomix