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Dan Scott

Dan Scott is a freelance illustrator working out of Kansas City

The majority of Dan Scott’s work is full color illustrations but does include concept art. Scott began his art career doing a few freelance commissions in 1996 but didn’t become a full-time freelance illustrator until 2006. Prior to 2006 he worked as a production artist at Hallmark Cards while growing his freelance business on evenings and weekends.

Scott enjoys doing any art that has a fantastic theme. While that usually means fantasy art, he enjoys doing science fiction, comic book, horror, or any genre that allows him to paint “larger than life” scenes. Scott has worked on a wide range of projects including concept art for video games, novel covers, comic book interiors and covers, t-shirt images, puzzles, trading card games, and more. Dan Scott is best known for the 160 plus cards he’s done for Magic:The Gathering. He also does art for the Hearthstone video game and has done several comic book covers for Dark Horse and IDW comics…including Star Wars, Tomb Raider, Conan, Skyman, and Captain Midnight.

“I’m also very lucky to have a wonderful supportive wife and 2 of the best kids a dad could hope for.”

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