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Planet Comicon, Kansas City Schedule :: Darryl Woods

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Darryl Woods

Illustrator, Cartoonist, Concept Artist and Caricature Artist for charity.

Darryl Woods (Darth Artist) is a Lucasfilm Licensed artist who uses his artwork and illustrations primarily for charitable purposes. Coupled up with the Star Wars costuming groups, Darryl draws Star Wars caricatures and other illustrations for children and fans across the nation. At this year’s Planet Comicon Kansas City Darryl will be doing caricatures & Quick Painting with proceeds going to the Wounded Warriors and a local Women and Child Abuse shelter. Come by and visit Darryl—the Darth Artist—for some cool Star Wars caricatures and some great ORIGINAL art, done really quickly. Zombie art also available!!!

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1:30 pm

STAR WARS UNIVERSE: BEYOND FILM :: Room 2502 (Lower Level)
Kevin J Anderson, Jeffrey Moy, Nerd For A Living, Todd Aaron Smith, Darryl Woods
Sunday May 22, 2016 :: 1:30 pm to 2:30 pm