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Planet Comicon, Kansas City Schedule :: Erin Lei

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Erin Lei

If you ask Erin Lei to talk about herself, she’ll tell you that she’s that awkward girl who loves to meet new people but always says the weirdest things! “No one has ever called me boring; let’s just say that,” she adds. Erin really enjoys cosplaying because it lets her travel and meet new people. “The people I have met in this community are amazing and make the experience of being a geek that much more awesome.”

Erin has only been cosplaying for a short time but has found a passion for it. Whether it’s assembling the best pieces for a costume, crafting props herself, or sewing, Erin has found enjoyment in purely making her favorite characters her own.

Aside from creating and modeling awesome costumes, Erin is also obsessed with reading books and comics, although she claims her main fandom is food. Her hopes to produce a Cosplay Cookbook aren’t too far away, but for right now she’ll just settle for testing her original recipes, and sampling amazing local restaurants in all the cities she visits.

Besides representing her own brand, Red Star Cosplay, Erin Lei is also an official Geek Girl and personality for the entertainment site Project-Nerd.