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Planet Comicon, Kansas City Schedule :: Kyle Strahm

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Kyle Strahm

Artist and co-creator of Image Comics’ Spread

Kyle Strahm is a Kansas City-based comic book artist. His new book, Spread, became available from Image Comics in July 2014. Kyle has been working in the comic industry since 2006, when he drew covers for the horror series Family Bones. Since then, he has been providing numerous covers, interiors, and pin-ups for companies such as Image Comics, APE Entertainment, and Desperado Publishing. His self-published web-comic, Clockwork Creature, was nominated for the 2008 SPACE Prize and a collaboration with Eisner-nominated writer Phil Hester appeared in the pages of the anthology series Negative Burn. Past projects include Hack/Slash, Haunt, 12 Reasons to Die and incentive covers for IDW’s Judge Dredd.

Kyle Strahm Interview asked:

Kyle, your art is pretty visceral and evocative from what I’ve seen. Where did you get your start in art?

KS: As a wee babe I would watch cartoons, design action figures and make up comic book characters. I was into Ghostbusters and He-Man. I liked the Ninja Turtles, but mostly the characters who were made of trash or who were disfigured people. There were a lot of guys in my notebooks with hammers or buzz saws where their arms and legs should be.

I broke into comics working on a book called We Will Bury You with Brea Grant and Zane Grant. It was about zombies in the 1920s and there was a lot of room to have fun. After that, I did odds and ends including guest spots on Hack/Slash and Haunt at Image. It was very cool working along-side Nathan Fox and Tim Seeley.