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Rudy Garcia

Concept Artist and Sculptor: Diamond Select Toys and Sideshow Collectibles

After studying commercial art in college, Rudy Garcia began his professional art career working as an illustrator/designer. He worked for such companies such as Hallmark Cards, Inc. and Trendmasters, Inc. While at Trendmasters, Rudy gained an interest in sculpting. He started his professional sculpting career with McFarlane Toys, Inc. in New Jersey. At McFarlan Toys he created action figures and professional sports player figures. Upon his return to the Kansas City area, Rudy worked as a freelance sculptor for various companies. Those companies included Diamond Select Toys, Inc., Sideshow Collectibles and Neca. He also worked as a sculptor for Hallmark Cards sculpting many popular Christmas ornaments. Rudy started pumpkin carving as a hobby. This lead to various guest appearances in the last four years on local television news morning shows. He does many events during the Halloween/pumpkin season at a local pumpkin farm including charity events to raise money for Breast Cancer Awareness.

Today Rudy is a full-time freelance artist/sculptor working on various projects. He is sculpting ornaments for Hallmark, doing character design and artwork for a new start-up Kansas City based video game company. He is also creating and sculpting creatures for a new independent movie being filmed in the Kansas City area. As well he is creating his own comic book series Evolution Cop. Rudy has partnered with other local Kansas City artists. They are in the process of creating their own line of monster sculptures. Rudy is looking forward to a busy pumpkin carving season this year. He will be carving pumpkins at various locations throughout the United States.

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