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A comic book artist well known for his depiction of beautiful ladies in comics.

Some better known works from Buzz include the books JSA, Atomika, Vampirella, Luna, X-Factor, Impulse, Titans Hunt, Dragonlance, and Forgotten Realms. He is also working on Harley Quinn vs Superman with Neal Adams. His rendition of Spiderman was featured in a special artist portfolio that appeared in Spiderman 2 deluxe DVD.

He is a very popular and sought after commission artist among art collectors and the comic-book convention circuit.

Buzz is also a multi-EMMY award winning commercial artist. He has worked with CBS, FOX, Los Angeles LAKERS and The United States Marine Corp.

He began his career as a penciler at the age of 15 at Blackthorne Publications. Later he worked with Neal Adams’ Continuity Studios at the age of 17. After gaining some good experience and mentoring, he took some pages to DC. There he received assignments working on Justice League Quarterly and Justice League International.

Among his influences he counts Neal Adams, Michael Golden, John Buscema, Kevin Nowlan, Brian Bolland, Frank Frazetta, Alex Toth and too many more to mention. Buzz’s current favorite artists include Adam Hughes, Rags Morales and Alex Ross. “I don’t ever see myself wanting to not be working in the comics industry, it’s one of the greatest American art forms like jazz and baseball” says Buzz.

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