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ScareLA 2017 : The Los Angeles Summer Halloween Convention Schedule :: Alisa Kleckner

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Alisa Kleckner

Working within both the professional and academic communities, Alisa has designed and built costumes, puppets, masks and f/x makeup for over 200 theatrical productions in the Northeast. As an educator, she teaches a range of courses in theatre design and technology as well as foundations classes in art, prosthetic transfer workshops, craftwork fabrication techniques and entrepreneurship in the arts apprenticeships. She is the resident costume designer at Arcadia Univeristy and the department’s costume shop manager. Beyond her traditional theatre endeavors, Alisa operates Scared of My Shadow, a leather mask business ( in which she specializes in wearable art pieces for the haunt industry, as well as being the Costume and Props Director for the nationally recognized haunt Terror Behind the Walls at Eastern State Penitentiary. If you haven’t already guessed, Alisa likes to keep busy making stuff and teaching stuff, lots and lots of stuff.