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Silicon Valley Comic Con 2018 Schedule :: Siamak (Ash) Ashrafi

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Siamak (Ash) Ashrafi

Ash - CTO @ ZoeWave building physiologically intelligent clothing called ZoeWear. Combining biotech, mobile and fashion to build clothing that keeps people healthy while looking great*. Zoe(“life”)Wear “wearable for life” is built on his experience in all three fields:

BioTech - Over 15 years as a biotech researcher @ TDI working on medical biomarkers. Researching human physiology and physical biochemistry for early detection of diseases.

Mobile - As a thought leader (patents, JavaOne Rock Star & 3x Amazon Code Ninja) in mobile development, he is an enthusiastic author, teacher and speaker helping promote the ecosystem.

Fashion - The “Beauty of Fashion” infused with The “Magic of Technology” to promote “Life Care”.

I speak (a lot):

12:00 pm

Developing Mobile Augmented Reality (AR) for the masses. :: Room 114
Siamak (Ash) Ashrafi
Saturday April 7, 2018 :: 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm