Anime Ohio 2021 Panel/Workshop Application

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Are you a professional, a fan, or a member of an organization that would like to present a panel/workshop at Anime Ohio 2021? If so, fill out the form below by 5:00 PM EST on Friday, May 21, 2021. This form is for panel submissions only.

Panel ideas and slots at Anime Ohio are in high demand, but are extremely limited. So, before you submit, please make sure your application is the best that it can be. Anime Ohio is looking for programs that are original, exciting, and creative. Most importantly, think about the value that your panel/workshop will provide to fans/attendees and what sets your idea apart from others. This application does not guarantee you a slot at Anime Ohio, it only registers your request to hold a panel/workshop at the show. Answer all of the questions below and use as much detail as possible. After panel submissions are sent, Anime Ohio maybe in contact with follow up questions before final decisions and schedules are determined.

Accepted panels for Anime Ohio will be notified no later than June 5th, 2021.

Due to capacity restrictions:

Each panelist is required to get and pay for their own admission. There will not be any free or complimentary passes this year. 

If you wish to do a panel in each session of Anime Ohio, you must get admission to both sessions. 

Audio will be the only equipment provided. No projectors. No video.

Additional questions about panels, equipment, and details can be submitted to Matt Bredestege at

Tips for the questions below:

Submission Title. If your submission is approved, this is what will appear as the title for your session in the app.

Submission Description. If your submission is approved, this is what will appear in the app to fans and attendees to describe your submission and have them attend your event. 

About Anime Ohio 2020

Anime Ohio 2021 is happening!

The 3rd annual celebration of anime in Greater Cincinnati will still take place June 19th at the Sharonville Convention Center, but it will be extremely different from the previous Anime Ohio events.

Due to the regulations and policies still in place due to COVID, there will be a few changes in place. These will be temporary. We hope to resume prior convention setups and operations for Anime Ohio 2022 or earlier, if restrictions are lifted in time.

At this time:

-Masks will be required. Regardless if you have been vaccinated or not, the mandate is still in place. 

-Tickets will be extremely limited. There is a capacity mandated and strictly enforced. The number of the capacity will be the quantity of tickets sold. Every man, woman, and child attending will be required to have a ticket to have accurate and proper headcounts. No age exemptions will be made. This is part of the capacity mandate. Due to this number being strictly enforced, pre-order is highly recommended. Do not plan to be able to purchase admission the day of at the venue.

-Anime Ohio 2021 will have LIMITED panel sessions, programming, and workshops. There will NOT be a costume contest. The panel room will be following all social distancing protocols in capacity and available on a first come, first served basis for seats inside the room.

-Due to the limited programming and admissions, Anime Ohio 2021 will be split into 2 sessions. There will be an AM session that starts at 9am and end at 1:30pm and then a PM session that starts at 2pm and will end at 6:30pm. Your admission is only valid for your session. The AM session will be cleared out and forced to leave at 1:30pm. The PM session will not be allowed to enter the hall until 2pm. Treat your session as if it were for a single day admission at a multi-day event. No entry before the session has started and no admission after it has concluded.

-Those that ordered a ticket to Anime Ohio 2020 will receive admission to both the AM and PM sessions. To allow more opportunity for fans to experience Anime Ohio, no more VIP level passes will be available. Your vouchers from Anime Ohio 2020 are still valid and will be accepted at Will Call for Anime Ohio 2021.

If restrictions are eased between now and the time of the event and less regulations are put into place, such as additional capacity, then more admission will be available for sale. If the restrictions are eased to a certain point on the capacity issue, then the session admission will be abolished and all passes sold will be valid for the entire day. But, that is not our decision and one we will consider deeply if and when the authorities do make that decision.

We, at Anime Ohio, appreciate your time and patience to read this. We know it won't be exactly like the other Anime Ohio events, but we are getting so close to the end of these mandates and regulations. We, like many of you, look forward to having events again and seeing our friends and fans and supporting fandoms as well as local artists, authors, businesses, artisans, etc. Here, we have an opportunity to have something slightly resembling that as we are on the cusp to more openings, fewer restrictions, and events as they were back in 2019. Dozens of artists, exhibitors, and vendors will be setup with their merchandise, books, artwork, crafts, and more! We will be following all mandates and restrictions currently in place. We look forward to your cooperation and understanding in the matter. 

Until then, tickets are now on sale and we look forward to seeing you all on June 19th at Anime Ohio 2021!

June 19, 2021

Sharonville Convention Center

11355 Chester Road
Cincinnati, Oh