FAN EXPO Cleveland Fan Panel Submissions

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Are you an expert on a pop culture topic and want to share your knowledge with other fans? Want to meet others with your same interests? Want to create a fan experience at FAN EXPO? Here’s where to give us your pitch!

Things to know before you apply:

· Submissions are open until February 13, 2023.

· Only accepted submissions will be contacted, approximately 30 days prior to event.

· Content must be appropriate for fans of all ages.

· Sessions are 45 minutes in length.

· Retail transactions inside panel rooms will not be permitted.

· Maximum of 6 panelists (including lead/moderator) .

· Panel rooms come with a standard AV set up including a projector/screen and 3 - 4 microphones. No additional AV will be provided. Panelists are not permitted to modify room AV.

· By submitting, you (or someone you designate) agree to present your own session. FAN EXPO cannot provide moderators.

· Show guests cannot attend your session.

· Strictly self-promotional submissions will not be accepted. However, you are invited to purchase a table in Artist Alley or Author Alley to show off what you’ve got!

About FAN EXPO Cleveland 2023

March 24-26, 2023

Huntington Convention Center of Cleveland

300 Lakeside Avenue East
Cleveland, OH