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GalaxyCon Minneapolis will program over 300 hours of events, and we seek creative and outgoing people from the area to talk about their favorite fandoms.


Fan Trivia

  • Doctor Who

  • Star Trek

  • Star Wars

  • Science Fiction in General

  • Horror Movies

  • Comic Books

  • Disney

  • Anime

  • Pokemon

  • Video Games

  • Wrestling

Cosplay Workshops

  • Crafting

  • Sewing

  • Worbla

  • Prop-Making

  • Makeup

  • Special Effects

  • Steampunk


  • Jewelry making

  • Origami

  • Art: Drawing, painting, sculpting, etc

  • Crafts

  • Geeky coloring books

  • Writing tips

  • Hobby to Career

  • Japanese Culture

  • How to Self Publish

  • How to Run a Podcast

  • How to Blog About _____

Popular Fan Run Panels

  • Con Survival 101

  • Overcoming Post Con Depression

  • Sing-A-Longs

  • Why ____ Is The Best

  • History of ____ Fandom

  • Anime Music Videos (AMVs)

  • Tabletop Game Demos

  • Old School Anime, Comics, Science Fiction, etc

  • Speed Fandom Friending

We’re open to your original creative ideas too! This list is just to get your ideas flowing.

When you submit a good suggestion, we are likely to accept it, so be careful not to submit more ideas than you actually want to run. Each submission represents a possible hour you want to run something at the show.

You will receive ONE admission pass per panel. The main host listed on the form will only receive one admission ticket per panel, for the day of that panel. Groups with multiple members are encouraged to lead several panels in order to cover admission for more members. GalaxyCon Minneapolis is not responsible for any additional admission. Please submit all panels individually, not all of the panels on one submission form.

1. Early Panel & Event Registration deadline is September 1, 2020. Late/Waitlist Panel Registration deadline is September 20, 2020. The earlier you submit your panel, the better chance you have of approval and a good time slot. No panels will be approved after September 20, 2020. If you would like to host your own panel, it’s easy! Just fill out the form below and submit to us for consideration.

2. Preparation goes a long way. Be sure you complete your request form completely and accurately. Check to ensure that your topic is relevant, your descriptions accurately match your panel’s title and content, and show us that you have put a great deal of thought into your presentation.

3. Panels should reflect an aspect of the fandoms we represent. GalaxyCon does reserve the right to reject panels if we feel the material is not appropriate for our convention.

4. Make sure your panel is appropriate. We pride ourselves on being family-friendly, which means that your panel is not demeaning, rude, embarrassing, or derogatory to anyone. We do not allow “Truth or Dare” type panels or "Ask a Character" events due to the nature of the questions. 

5. Please be flexible on availability. If you are flexible on when you can run your panel, that increases the chances we will find an acceptable time-slot for you.

6. Notify us at immediately of any changes or problems as soon as they arise.

7. It is the responsibility of the panelist to meet with the AV team at the convention at least 20 minutes before their panel starts if they wish to use computers or other devices in their panel. Please note that GalaxyCon does NOT provide laptops in the panel rooms. We do provide speakers, projectors, and microphones upon request.

8. Be respectful to GalaxyCon staff, volunteers, and the other panelists.

9. Start on time and end on time. All panels should end in enough time for you to clean up and remove your materials so the next panel can start on time.

10. Be a registered attendee at GalaxyCon. For hosting a panel, the main host listed on the form will only receive one admission ticket per panel, for the day of that panel. Groups with multiple members are encouraged to lead several panels in order to cover admission for more members. GalaxyCon is not responsible for any additional admission.

11. GalaxyCon will notify all panelists if their panel has been accepted by October 1, 2020. Because of over scheduling, your panel may be canceled even after it has been approved. In that case, you will still receive an admission ticket for that day.

12. Every attempt will be made to ensure that the Panelist/s will be scheduled for their preferred day and time, and GalaxyCon will also attempt to avoid scheduling the Panelist/s for any major events that the Panelist may have an interest in attending, though no guarantees can be made. Make sure to note any event that you do not want to miss on the Panel Request Form.

13. GalaxyCon will provide AV support, within reason. Please note that laptops are NOT provided. We strongly encourage you to have a back-up plan because regardless of how well you or we plan.

14. You cannot charge an admission fee for a panel. You may charge a small ($5 or less) materials fee for a workshop if you clear it with us first. If you need to do this, please include information about that in your panel description.

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Room Needs

About GalaxyCon Minneapolis 2020

Join us for a FESTIVAL of fandom November 6-8, 2020 at the Minneapolis Convention Center.

Meet Celebrity and Creative Guests from Comics, Movies, TV, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Anime, Cartoons, Video Games, Wrestling and more!

GalaxyCon Minneapolis features over 300 hours of programming over 3 days with Q&As, workshops, costume competitions, burlesque,  comedy, film screenings, tournaments & more!

In our Exhibition Hall, you’ll find one-of-a-kind items from celebrities, artists, writers, and vendors from all over the galaxy.

Dress up in costume or come as you are for this family-friendly event.

Call or email us at 919-907-0424 or

November 6th - 8th, 2020

Minneapolis Convention Center

1301 2nd Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN