Sci Fi & Fantasy Track - Panel Room 21

Friday August 4, 2017 - 12:00 pm to 1:30 pm

Your name is KARKAT VANTAS and through your MATESPRITESHIP with DAVE STRIDER, you have realized that humans and other aliens can engage in QUADRANT romance. You have decided it is time to follow your Ancestor’s footsteps and educate, as well as MATCHMAKE the aliens of METROCON in the QUADRANTS. Your study of human culture has shown that human romance is really mixed up and is in need of the QUADRANTS. Clearly, Yugi and Kaiba really suffer from an undeclared KISMESIS feelings, while Yugi and Joey are in a MOIRALLEGIANCE. Shinji and Genji Ikari have a troubled lusus-wriggler relationship and their AUSPISTICE Misato is compromised by her subordinate position in Nerv and needs to do more peacekeeping. Meanwhile, Yuri, Yuri, and Victor are too inclade, suffering from Russian Yuri’s undisclosed matespritship feelings to Victor and kismesis feelings to Yuri, while Japanese Yuri and Victor are already in a matespriteships; this may cause Group Vacillation. In order, to prevent future romantic catastrophes, you, KARKAT VANTAS are hosting a MULTIUNIVERSE MULTIFANDOM QUADRANTS DATING GAME to allow hopeless cases find true QUADRANT SERENDIPITY. Despite concerns, through an act of love, DAVE STRIDER will be acting as Producer and Assistant in Selecting Audience Members for Engaging in Quadrant Coupling through the Ancient Troll Tradition of Game Show. For our special ASHEN ROUND, we are searching to find the best pair of characters from the same series that should not be together that have developed CALIGUOUS FEELINGS towards each other for KANAYA MARYAM to act as prize and mediator for. Please bring your friends from the SAME UNIVERSE for this round, or Kanaya will lose her opportunity for INTERSPECIES ROMANCE in this quadrant. All other rounds will feature hopeless cases across the universes in need of romance. Note: You do not need to have read HOMESTUCK to enjoy this panel, but your Non-Homestuck Non-Red-Mileage will vary. There will be a brief INTRODUCTION to the QUADRANTS in the beginning of this panel. Kankri Vantas (who will not be in this panel) also insists in us including Trigger Warnings that as this is a Dating Game, there will be SHIPPING. However, as this will be a PG13 panel, please act appropriately as audience members. While the first round will ease into matespritship, subsequent rounds will focus on the other CONCILATORY and CONCUSPICENT relationships. It should go without being said, but the quadrants consisting of 4 different types of relationships natural in troll romance; someone in one quadrant can be in a relationship with someone else in another quadrant. Therefore this is not considered cheating or polyamory, unless someone is in multiple of the same quadrant relationships or QUADRANT VACILLATION occurs. Come be entertained or partake in QUADRANT MATCHMAKING with KARKAT VANTAS.