From the Cauldron 101: Homebrew Before You Play

Room 371D

Friday May 25, 2018 - 11:00 am to 12:00 pm

With different media such as The Adventure Zone and Critical Role gaining even more prominence in the greater convention community, we feel that it would be informative and interesting for attendees to learn and be able to ask questions about running their own tabletop role-playing game in real time. From the Cauldron 101 would be a panel focused on DMs and GMs who are new to homebrew, and are working on new ideas before they start their game. If they're planning a new session or trying to create their first game ever, our experienced GMs will be here to answer their questions and help them plan their first steps outside module gaming. We can accommodate attendees at every level of familiarity with the current edition of Dungeons and Dragons, as well as provide information on how to formulate and improvise "homebrew" content. Tabletop games such as Dungeons and Dragons provide the players and game master a unique experience to create a wholly new, collaborative story with each other, and we hope to inspire more people to create and collaborate on their own stories within their own games. We will conduct the panel with a brief introduction on information, give a practical and interactive demonstration on how to quickly formulate valuable content and then open the panel for any questions attendees may have. The panelists involved have over a decade of combined experience in the medium and are all comfortable and experienced with presenting to audiences of all sizes.


Gaming - Tabletop


Action/Adventure, Fantasy, Horror, Gaming