Steampunk Funk Belly Dance Performance by Safiya Nawaar!

Regency Ballroom

Saturday March 10, 2018 - 6:00 pm to 6:45 pm

Tighten you garters and grease you gears, and get ready to see some fun and funky footwork from choreographer and dance wonder, Safiya Nawaar! Her signature steampunk inspired dance is an amazing mix of theatrical dance, folk dance and dare we say, some sexy sinuous belly dance moves? Safiya’s SteamPunk Funky Fusion style is in a constant state of evolution as the ever-growing genre of Steampunk continues to grow and morph. Fusion dance classes for her professional troupe, along with the creation of new choreographies each year, has allowed Safiya to create and compile an amazing collection of signature style dance that complements the eccentric genre of Steampunk. Her experimental Belly Dance fusion movements and technique draw from a very eclectic history of dance styles and theatrical training that together helped her form her own unique style of SteamPunk/Belly Dance fusion. Don’t miss her performance!


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