Business Models and Bargaining Power in a Post-Steam World


Sunday September 30, 2018 - 12:00 pm to 12:45 pm

Understanding the business of games is often a thorn in indie game developers' sides. Picking an entity, taxes, regulations, marketing your work-- it never ends. Indie games in particular have seen drastic changes in how they're perceived, developed, and marketed so it's time to have a discussion we've all been dreading: what do we do now that discoverability on Steam is horrible and distribution as a whole seems to be broken? Applying principles of niche marketing and change management, noted business of games speaker Rachel Presser found that it's possible to map out this brave new world as an indie developer and build both the games career and lifestyle that you want: all while retaining your creative freedom and bargaining power as an interactive entertainment professional. This talk will cover: -Change management for indie developers -Defining business models and creating new revenue streams -Going beyond the "don't quit your day job to work on the game" paradigm -Using content strategy and grassroots methods to solve discoverability problems -And more!