Steampunk 102: My gear is bigger than your gear.-

Panel Room 4 (370C)

Saturday June 18, 2016 - 2:30 pm to 3:30 pm

This panel is an extension from steampunk 101. the reaches and limitlessness of steampunk are so vast that it would be ludicrous to think you could cover it all in a single panel. This panels main focus is to expand the knowledge the audience has of steampunk and to answer though burning questions. If we don't already have the answer we will do the research and find it for you, or at the very least make up something entertaining. There will be a brief description of the genre, and the culture, followed by audience interaction and a QandA section. In the past questions have ranged from "What dangers should I look out for when disassembling a _______" to "What is the multiverse, and how does it effect quantum entanglement" to "Why russians?" and surprisingly we have just enough brains, beauty, and insanity to answer just about anything related to the genre.