Monster Hunter: Building a Community

Panel 1

Sunday September 16, 2018 - 1:15 pm to 2:15 pm

Monster Hunter, one of Japan’s best-selling series and growing in popularity in the west, is changing the social sphere. Join streamers HotSammySliz and JustinJRB, YouTuber Herny, and Monster Hunter NYC to introduce the latest entry, Monster Hunter World, discuss what the game gets right and how to use those ideas to create a community and to foster unique video game industry careers. Learn how to network within the industry, gather resources, and create success. Will be guest starring community members and tournament winners Arekkz from YT, GaijunHunter from YT, as well as speed runners CantaPerMe and Chris_Darkside to help emphasize the diversity as offered by fan community management experience and the diversity of fields you can enter from such experience. Panel has been shown at PAX East 2017/2018, PAX West 2017, MAGFest 2017/2018, BlerdCon 2017, TooManyGame 2017. Website: