Spoiler Alert: This Panel is about The Philosophy of Spoilers!


Friday September 7, 2018 - 11:00 am to 12:00 pm

By now, virtually everyone has heard the familiar refrain "Spoiler Alert!" We are all familiar with spoilers, and most of us know better than to spoil things. Still, there are a number of philosophical questions pertaining to spoilers that require sorting out. In this session we will consider the Metaphysics of Spoilers (e.g, What constitutes a spoiler? What sorts of things can be spoiled? When do spoilers expire?), the Ethics of Spoilers (e.g., Why is it bad to spoil? When is it ok to spoil? Is one ever morally obligated to spoil something? When must one issue a spoiler alert?), and the Pragmatics of Spoilers (e.g., The tricky case of spoiling remakes, The paradox of spoilers, What to do when one encounters someone who spoils?). As I'm doing research for my upcoming book Spoiler Alert: This Book is about Spoilers (Open Court Publishing 2019) there will be plenty of opportunity for audience members to share their spoiler horror stories.