Animated Shorts

Theater Room (361A)

Friday June 17, 2016 - 1:45 pm to 2:45 pm

A Space in Time - Claire, a little girl, and her grandfather share a dream - seeing a man walk on the moon - and their favorite pastime is playing astronaut. On the night of July 20, 1969, while the whole world is fixated on Neil Armstrong, Claire's thoughts are with her own personal hero... Heart and Soul - The Soul is trying to find peace in the Mind but the his down stairs neighbor wont stop being on the drums in the Ribcage. Soul has to go down to get his neighbor to stop beating. Imagination - A little girl uses her imagination to turn everything to color The Maze - The protagonist is a senior citizen who suffers from Alzheimer disease. One day he leaves his house, suddenly realizing his home is very unfamiliar with a weathered door. As he opens the door a maze intriguingly appears in front of him. And his house seems to stand beside the remote cliff edge. In order to return home, he embarks his unknown journey. Bewilderness - "In a strange and unusual place, each face of the forest has a story to tell. Be careful where you tread or you could wind up... bewildered." What I Discovered - A man finds himself in the audience of a darkly themed, midnight, magic show and knows a secret about the magician. An audio and illustrated excerpt from the mystery/thriller novel "Until the Sun Rises: One Night in Drake Mansion" by Channing Whitaker. Roboterra - Roboterra is a fictional story and represents an order of society, which has been maintained and automated through the commitment of 5 different robot types. The focus is on the digital interaction and relationships within this abandoned world. At the beginning of this animation, all robots follow their everyday routine, but over the course of an intense journey they develop an artificial intelligence and an unbreakable unity. Pegasus - The story of a man who lives in a stifled society and is under the pressure from everywhere. All these suppression make him to start sabotaging the world he's living in internally and externally. Power Up - An Astronaut name Bright, living in the enormous cold space all by himself alone seeking an energy source for a living. After traveling a few light years away from earth, he made it to a living star with a golden light source that generates energy & electricity, Bright attempts to plug his ship into the star and absorb the energy into the ship that help generate many ship supplies for his living, turns out that Bright wasn’t bright enough to limit the use of the living star’s bright energy, and so as the living star must stop Bright from wasting his light too before his spirits vanish. Averse - A young girl is discovering the truth about her creations. The Wishgranter - Set in a world where wishes are granted by mythical creatures that live under fountains, an apathetic wishgranter is forced to go above ground in order to grant a wish of love.