Short Films

Theater Room (361A)

Friday June 17, 2016 - 3:00 pm to 3:45 pm

Hallway - A man enters an abandoned appartment building to investigate and he finds an inhabitant but he doesnt know whats coming for him. It is an experimental horror film. If One Plays Music- A 70's family receives a modern-day gift. Hollow Vision - Hollow Vision shows a world in which nature is death, life is expensive and society looks through a digital glasses that were created by a superior hacker who governs all. One day, after a rainy day, Dalton suffers an electric shock in his bathroom and survives, but this makes his view to permanently fail and give him an experience that has never been told and viewed before. Jump In Love - An athlete’s struggle to tame his wild ball... Thresher - A man locked in a room faces inter-dimensional terror. The World Ender - Music video for the band Lord Huron. A man's life is burned to the ground, but he's back from the dead on a quest for vengeance. Along his path of destruction, he assembles a gang and together they blaze a path of chaos throughout a surreal, stylized 1950s world. The Rocking Chair - A foreign object is installed in the living room of a couple. With the presence of this new element, the dynamics of the family begins to change. Black Widow - A Passionate Kiss with fatal end Deadly Dinner Date - Deadly Dinner Date is a comedy about Steve, a 24 year old nerdy guy always screws things up when he goes on dates. He has an unusual ability to rewind back time. In order impress Stephanie, a young pretty girl, he must use his power, but to do so, he must pay a painful price.