Short Films

Theater Room (361A)

Friday June 17, 2016 - 5:00 pm to 5:45 pm

Euthanas, INC - Would you like to die the same way your icon did? Would you like to imitate the death of some memorable scene? Euthanas Inc. For those who need or want to put a legitimately spectacular end to their lives. Millennium: Eternal Sunrise - In the fantasy world of Charani, an 11-year-old girl, who has recently lost her beloved mother, an ancient legend may help to resurrect her. She disobeys her father and journeys to the enigmatic mountain summit to meet with a magical Romani (Gypsy) Man with a Millennium box. According to the legend, this immortal man appears there once in a millennium. From early dawn until the last rays of the sun, he meets those who reach there to make a wish and open the magic box. But here is a whisper that he asks for the most precious thing in return. Charani has to decide if she is ready to exchange her future life for the ability to recast her past. Silently Within Your Shadow - As their relationship grows, Lucette's obsession for ventriloquism and her dummy Hugo starts to strain her relationship with Jace. To Luctette Hugo is more than just a dummy, he’s her best friend and represents her ambition as an artist, to her, he’s very much real. But to Jace Hugo is just a puppet, or is he? Starring Horror Legend Bill Moseley as the voice of Hugo, Silently Within Your Shadow is the latest short film from writer/director Scott Lyus. 17 Minutes in Texas - Well...maybe "apocalypse" is too strong a word. | A mockumentary about the small town in Texas where the zombie apocalypse started...and then promptly finished because of an extremely prepared citizenry that quickly stopped the zombie outbreak before it spread and the sorrow felt by those who did not get there in time to kill any zombies.