Animated Shorts

Theater Room (361A)

Saturday June 18, 2016 - 1:50 pm to 2:35 pm

Trying to Connect - In a world without organic sounds a guy flirts with a girl via chat even though she is sitting right next to him. When he looses reception he can’t answer anymore and she leaves. On his search for reception he stumbles upon the last place that reaches out of the digital world: a tall mountain in the middle of the city. The ascent to the top becomes an acoustic revelation with a surprising ending. Legacy - A short animated film that explores the subconscious. Gelèe Royal - Gelèe Royal - A 2D Animated short about weird creatures partying in an endless psychedelic rave of colors, shapes & honey. Beware of Bunny - On the way home, a little boy finds the pet of his nightmares. Bendie Buddy - After being bullied on the bus to school, Wendle discovers a strange ability that bends the laws of reality Phobia - The story is about a little boy with great imagination and an even greater secret. The Beach Boy - An animated short film about two star-crossed lovers from ancient Vietnam. Designed in a style inspired by Vietnamese brush painting and traditional art. The Girl and her Tail - Does the girl like her tail? The Girl and Her Tail was greatly inspired by music and modern dances.The artist used methods of subtlety to show the internal and external struggles of the girl and how she bravely becomes who she envisioned herself to be. The Girl and Her Tail is a traditional 2D pencil drawn short film, with digital help in editing and compositing in its post productions. This project was made in the span of about 1 year. Orbit - When did the bright moon first appeared? Has it always been there or was it a free and cheerful asteroid hanging out with friends in the wide and infinite space? Ever wondered what she thinks of the Earth? Poutnik - What if you never knew you were lost? Would you know the way home if you saw it? Lurpy wakes up in the city streets feeling lost and lonely. Naturally, this refugee is left with no other option other then following his path to a new home where he feels finally accepted. The Misadventures of Chubzilla - The Misadventures of Chubzilla is a story about an insatiable monster that devours everything in sight until a three-headed nemesis comes between him and his candy-land paradise. Dead Friends - Decades after a mysterious incurable zombie virus spreads throughout the world mankind is in danger of going extinct. Among the infected there is an old zombie and a dog that remains loyal to his master and hopes he will become human again one day. The Big The Bad and the Bunny - The dispute between Gangster Rhino and Penguin Squad come to climax when Rhino kills The Penguin Boss. As a revenge, The Penguins kidnap the Rhino’s only pet Bunny. Knowing his love has been kidnapped, Rhino tries to ambush The Penguins’ hideout and save Bunny.