Short Films

Theater Room (361A)

Saturday June 18, 2016 - 2:40 pm to 3:25 pm

Zero- A drama horror about a young mother that must come to terms with letting go of the thing she loves the most, her only son. She must do the deed herself, for he is subject zero the undead... Judas- Synopsis: Holy Saturday is a day of burning the Judas Doll ... do you have courage? Hush- After an alien invasion has wiped out most of humanity, a lone man makes his way through a vast desert with the alien threat still looming. After confronting a fellow survivor they're left to decide whether survival is best achieved alone or together. Shelter - A 1980's thriller/drama set in a nuclear post apocalypse world, where a woman named Jenny is living in a WW2 bomb shelter riding out the nuclear storm on the surface. The days are countless and food rations are low when there's a mysterious knock at the door. Will Jenny let who ever is on the other side in?