Short Films

Theater Room (361A)

Saturday June 18, 2016 - 10:45 pm to 12:00 am

Unify- The last survivors from two warring factions face certain annihilation when the machines take over... save from a possible rescue by a strange ship recently arrived in orbit, with which they have no idea how to communicate. The Cloud- Mike is trapped in an elevator. His only solution is “The Cloud” an Operating System Phone which saves a copy of his brain. Lily - Myriam, Auxiliary of social life, is on a mission since a few days with Mr. Bariani, a septuagenarian widower hit by a severe handicap. Taking advantage of the weakness of the old man, Myriam adopts a detestable behavior by making him suffer abuse. Mortal Nightmare - Kim is a teenager who is being tormented by a Clawed Killer in his dreams. As Kim tries to stay awake overnight by Playing a Martial arts video game, he inevitably gets pulled into the dream world, and now has to face the clawed man covered in burn scars. But this time, Kim has a surprise for the guy who haunts his dreams... Bionic Girl - A scientist has created her own android clone to replace her in the outside world so that it can face it for her. Darkness Falls - Melissa suffers from amnesia. When she slowly regains her memory, the world isn't what it supposed to be. Darkness Falls is the official selection of Phenix Comic Con Film Festival (2016), Hong Kong Arthouse Film Festival (2016), End of Days Film Festival (2016), OutlantaCon Short Film Festival (2016), Roswell Film Festival (2016), Los Angeles Cinefest (2016) , Florida Supercon Super Geek Film Festival (2016), Origins Film Festival (2016), Comicpalooza Film Festival (2016) and Pixel Skånes Film Festival (2016). A Shadow of Dara - A leader of a rebellion risks everything to find a powerful commander of an alien world who's been captured by enemies and put into a fabricated reality for the extraction of valuable information.