Art Show - Open (SUN)

Art Show (Britannia B)

Sunday October 7, 2018 - 10:00 am to 5:00 pm

VCON’s Art Show features the work of talented artists with science fiction and fantasy. This year the show will be located in an expansive ballroom space between the Vendor Hall and the Main Programming room.

Attending Artists

  • Artist Guest of Honour: Ashley Mackenzie
  • Cathy Watters
  • Danielle Stephens
  • Espresso Stoat Studio
  • Grant Yee
  • hing kei
  • Kimberly L
  • Lisa Lindsay Art
  • Lynne Taylor Fahnestalk
  • Melissa Downward
  • Melissa Mary Duncan
  • Micah Reid
  • Natorra Ferguson
  • Rachelle Adamchuk
  • Robots and Rocketships
  • Thunt_Goblins
  • Toy Maker’s Twisted Metal
  • Tony Rodriguez


TRACK: Other


All Ages