D&D 5E: Welcome to Moonthrone

Tabletop RPG Dungeon - L016

Friday November 30, 2018 - 9:00 pm to 10:00 pm

Welcome to the tiered city of Moonthrone, where the ruling classes live lives of decadence in the City Above while the filthy masses in the City Below struggle to survive among rival gangs, dogman city guards, lycanthrope insurgents, and warlock pact magic gone horribly wrong. You’re new to the city. You’ve passed your interrogation at the city gates and proven yourself as not-a-warlock (that part with the cats sure was weird. You didn’t cheat, did you?). Now, not an hour in, and you’ve been roped into an investigation to help out the city watch. Seems street kids in the Moth District have been going missing. Now normally, who cares, right? But rumors say urchins were acting weirdly aggressive before the disappearances started. And people have heard strange noises. Animal noises. Sure, it’s probably just over-aggressive recruiting by the local gangs, but people are grumbling that the Beggars Guild (which official city policy says doesn’t exist), or even the Folk (lycanthrope terrorists, or ‘freedom fighters’ if you believe that radicalist hogwash) might be up responsible. Or maybe it’s the stirrings of an Incursion (warlock stuff, clearly ridiculous). The peasants are hesitant to talk to the the city watch, but you’re new in town. Maybe you can get some answers.


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