VIDEO GAME TOURNAMENT: Overwatch (PC) - $5 Entry Fee Per Player

Video Game Arcade Room 3 - L005 & L009

Saturday December 1, 2018 - 11:30 am to 8:00 pm

Held in the Supercon Gaming Area. 6v6, 16 teams.

Prizes 1st Place: 75% Cash Pool, Supercon Gaming Champ Patch; 2nd Place: 25% Cash Pool, Supercon Gaming Champ Patch; 3rd Place: Supercon Gaming Champ Patch. GLHF!

Entry Fee: $5 Entry Fee per player ($30 per team total) Entry Fee must be paid in cash upon Tournament Check-in Upon collection entry fee is non-refundable even in event of team disqualification

Rules: Must have a account with an active PC license of Overwatch to participate.

16 teams cap


2 alternates max allowed per team

Rule Set: Competitive

Game Mode:

Start of Tournament-Semifinals: Best of One Semifinals: Best of 3 Finals: Best of 5 Map Rotation: After a mirror match


Return to Lobby: After a game


Available Maps: All maps

Hero Options


Hero Selection Limit: 1 Per Team All Heroes Allowed Hero Switching: On



All setups will provide a mouse, keyboard, and mousepad. There will not be headsets provided. You may bring your own headset. Players may bring their own mouse, keyboard, or mousepad if they so choose but will not be granted additional setup time for their peripherals. Player brought peripherals must use standard USB connection. Players must use provided Monitor, desktop, and network equipment. Players may not install any equipment, programs, or third-party software on tournament computers Players may not use USB Flash Drives or any other storage device Players may not alter program files or drivers


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