Space Foxes + Q&A w/Leva Bates and Ricky Henry

Super Geek Film Fest Room 2 - L002

Saturday December 1, 2018 - 4:00 pm to 4:55 pm

Space Foxes Roxy and Breezy are top agents for Triple D - The Danger Dispatch Department - an organization formed to prevent crime aboard the massive artificial planet-sized craft known as Zenith. As they float throughout the galaxy searching for a new, inhabitable planet, the few remaining aboard the vessel are growing restless as a mysterious wave of crime is emerging. With the pressures of the job at an all-time high, the Foxes seek alternate methods to take down the threat - but it may be too little too late! Inspired by the aesthetic of the 90's FMV Full-Motion Video Game boom - Space Foxes is a campy, nostalgic wave of neon lights and VHS-grade charm! WWE wrestler Leva Bates stars in Space Foxes & will be conducting a Q&A with director Ricky Henry after the screening!



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