Superheroes in the Classroom: Interdisciplinary Education Through Pop Culture Pedagogy


Saturday April 20, 2019 - 11:00 am to 12:00 pm

A nerdy theater professor, a geeky English professor, and a passionate physics professor all walk into a bar. Except for it wasn’t really a bar, it was a classroom. They teach a course about superheroes to a group of college kids. In case you’re wondering why this joke seems oddly specific, it’s because it’s not actually a joke. It’s a true story. A handful of Snow College students (residing in Ephraim, Utah) had a unique opportunity to participate in a pilot course taught by three professors from different departments. Using superheroes, the class explored and discovered themes and connections across multiple disciplines. Throughout the process, both the students and teachers participated in discussions and projects bridging the gap between academics and “the real world”, including stage combat and fight choreography (taught by Andrew Nogasky), creating their own origin stories and superheroes (lead by Dr. Andrew Bahlmann), and participating in comic book related physics experiments (taught by Dr. Larry Smith). We are going discuss the new insights that we found and the benefits of using pop culture in the classroom.



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Fandoms, Education