Tony Todd Presents Focus Comic: An Autistic Hero Arrives


Saturday April 20, 2019 - 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm

Focus is an action adventure horror comic that features an autistic super hero, art by a community of artists and interns with autism. Focus is part of a social cause initiative with the objective of entertaining readers and removing the stigma associated with autism. Focus promotes autistic talent by giving them greater representation in the media and comic industry. Their internship program is responsible for publishing one of the world’s first autistic comic artists. Focus addresses social issues such as bullying and provides hope of acceptance to many autistic kids and young adults globally. The project celebrates human diversity. Goodwill ambassador Tony Todd, will be attending the panel and will discuss his recent adventures; his role with the project, and the importance of autism awareness. Guest speakers also include: Creator Yvonne Wan, a social cultural anthropologist; writer, artist and film ethnographer. Douglas Hebert, the main and internship coach. Tabidi Elkhalil, intern and artist with autism. We will discuss the power of comics as a medium and how they influence our world view. Super hero comics add value to our lives including inspiring us to achieve great things in life and fostering greater relationships with one another.



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