Cosplay 101: Materials for Props, Cosplay, Gaming and more!

Cityside 1 (MR 21-22)

Saturday July 13, 2019 - 10:00 am to 11:00 am

Worbla? EVA? Broadcloth? PLA? Spandex? Styrene? Ever wonder what all those words that people say in reference to materials for cosplay mean? Rocket Props, Mink the Satyr Cosplay, and Vee Cosplay will talk about the materials available for making amazing things, from beginner to expert. Learn about when and how to use thermoplastics, adhesives, foams, fasteners and more. Whether you want to make terrains for your miniatures, or armor for your cat, when you leave, you'll know what you should use. Jacob LaRocca [Prop Engineer, Educator, Cosplayer Rocket Props] Mink the Satyr Cosplay [Cosplayer, Educator, Mink the Satyr Cosplay] Victoria Miller [Cosplayer, Educator, Vee Cosplay]