Reaper U: Painting Hair (Bender) (Friday) $25

Classroom #1 Denton Ballroom (First Floor)

Friday August 30, 2019 - 1:00 pm to 2:45 pm

Learn how to paint more realistic looking and interesting hair on miniature figures. Various painting techniques will be demonstrated for you, which you will then be able to practice with yourself on your free practice miniature. The techniques used in this class include layering, feathering, glazing, and lining. Class discussion also includes guidelines for where to place highlights and shadows to create the appearance of shiny hair, final detailing steps in painting hair, and how to choose colours for both natural looking and fantastical hair. Each attendee will also receive a colour reference hand-out that includes a list of Reaper paints you can use to create various hair colours. Please bring a good quality brush with a fine point.